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Advanced Macroeconomics by K. N. Ram & Arjun Mandav

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Hardbound; Publishing Year: 2013; ISBN-10: 9381138540; 279 Pages


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The field of Economics known as Macroeconomics focuses on the behaviors of a National Economy,or a regional economy, as a whole. It is a very general field that concerns itself primarily with large scale indicators, such as unemployment rates and with the creation of models meant to explain relationships between those indicators. It is also considered the complement to Microeconomics, which studies the actions of individuals rather than larger scales. 

This book is an excellent addition to the macro text market. The treatment of the topics is clear and always involves engagement with the empirical evidence. 

Aimed at the advanced Undergraduate Student this book bridges the gap between intermediate macroeconomics texts and more advanced macroeconomics texts, something not currently available in the market. It seeks to give Students a thorough understanding of some fundamental work horse models in Microeconomics and to introduce them to methods of formal Macroeconomics analysis, without requiring too many technical skills. 

K.N. Ram, an experienced teacher of economics, has worked with famous educational institutions in India. His research interests include International trade, International monetary policy, economic planning and development, fiscal policies, role of government in economic growth, etc. 

Dr. Ram has also worked as an economic consultant to many Government agencies and private firms on matters of pricing, costing, managerial strategy, antitrust, and regulation. He has participated in many International and National Conferences and is a winner of many prestigious awards. He is the author of many outstanding books on Economics and related issues. 

Arjun Mandav, a well known Teacher and a keen Researcher is having over twenty years of professional standing. He has taught Macroeconomics, Microeconomics, Statistics, and Principles of Economics. As a Financial Manager, he did brilliant services for many famous Multinational Companies. 

Dr. Mandav is a prolific writer and a regular participant in academic and policy debates. His research includes work on price adjustment, consumer behaviour, Financial markets, monetary and fiscal policy, and economic growth. He contributed learned articles on various subjects in reputed academic journals.
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