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DARE TO BE DIFFERENT AND GROW RICH - Secrets of Self-Made People

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PRK B 4382
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326 pages; 
Publisher: Indus Source Books (January 1, 2012); 
Language: English; 
ISBN-10: 8188569372; 
ISBN-13: 978-8188569373


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More than just another “Get rich quick” manual, Dare to Be Different and Grow Rich is an insightful and thought-provoking journey through 150 years of cultural and business history. Packed with useful advice, interesting facts and entertaining anecdotes, it moves from gold-rush California to wartime Berlin, and back to modern-day Silicon Valley, from Disneyland to Saudi Arabia, from Levi Strauss to Starbucks, from John D. Rockefeller’s oil fields to Warren Buffett’s Omaha, to tell a compelling story about the ambition to succeed against all odds, which drives men and women to aim higher and higher. 

Taking its cue from the success stories of businessmen and -women as well as world-class athletes, musicians and other figures of public life, popular icons like Steve Jobs, Coco Chanel, or Arnold Schwarzenegger, and others who are big names only to insiders, this book amply demonstrates that greater wealth is by no means the only difference between them and the vast majority who have little or no success in life. Dare to Be Different and Grow Rich offers a definitive philosophy for success. This book is for everybody who has the courage to dream. 

Dr. Rainer Zitelmann himself a successful entrepreneur, networking consultant and publisher, is uniquely placed to decode and reveal the secrets of success: the determination to focus 100 percent on a single goal, the mental strength to see problems as opportunities and never to take “No” for an answer, the self-confidence to swim against the tide, the honesty with which to win the trust and respect of others. His new book introduces readers to the biographies of well-known figures in the global business world, as well as to the men and women behind the post-war “economic miracle” in his native Germany, who will be less familiar to English-speaking audiences.
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