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Global Warming and Climate Change - Suryaraj Pithori

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Hardbound; Publishing Year: 2018; 296 Pages


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Global Warming and Climate Change are together regarded as one subject that has transcended human boundaries and has become the subject matter of discourse not only in International podiums but also at urban coffee tables. Sometimes it has unknowingly reached the remote rural corners where effort have been undertaken to reap market benefits out of it without paying the slightest concerns towards the rural community. 

Understanding the present Global Warming regime it can be observed that till date the discourses on global warming have either been market oriented or politically dominated. This has not yielded very satisfactory rewards for our globe. Hence it becomes imperative to brood over the issue to find out the loose ends and arrive at conclusions and suggestions for improvement. 

Global Warming is an environmental and human rights problem: Global Warming emerged as a vibrant area of discussion in the eighties and with time has become a central point of discussion and deliberation in inter-State negotiations undertaken both within the structure of the United Nations Framework on Climate Change and outside it. 

With the growth of the negotiations, positive steps have definitely been taken one most important of which was the Kyoto Protocol but in the recent future. The present environmental regime of global warming as it exists today can be categorized as a political regime ruled by countries with vast economic strengths. The bearing of developed economies with regard to certain environmental conventions will help us in understanding the situation better.
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