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PRK B 2999
Series: Dover Books on Mathematics
80 pages; 
Publisher: Dover Publications; 
Language: English; 
ISBN-10: 0486469247; 
ISBN-13: 978-0486469249


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With a host of challenging math tests, this 4th edition of The Stanford Mathematics Problem Book: With Hints And Solutions is an excellent tool primarily designed for the competitive math exams conducted by the Stanford University. The book is loaded with puzzles and problems that test students for their insight and originality.

Modeled as per the syllabus of the famous competitive mathematics examination of the Stanford University, this book is a source of rigorous problems for both high school and college students. Devised by two of the acclaimed mathematicians of America, it aims at developing skills of probability and logic in students and encourages them to think beyond the routine competence.

The Stanford Mathematics Problem Book: With Hints And Solutions consists of 20 sets of intriguing problems along with hints and solutions. Solving these problems require students to theorize and verify mathematical facts and examine the results of statements. While the complexity of these problems are in accordance with college level math, the fundamentals of the subject is tested the most in order to ensure strong foundation of the subject. The hints are provided as a separate section and the solutions along with correct solving procedures are all outlined in the final part of the book.

As they get cracking on the uniquely designed challenges, students discover that even some of the highly plausible conclusions could be inaccurate. Some of the problems are specially created in a way that require students to solve multiple sequences of subproblems in order to reveal theory construction. These type of questions are intended to teach students to recognize and pick up on the clues where even steps that seem obvious are actually irrelevant to the solution. These exclusive features of The Stanford Mathematics Problem Book: With Hints And Solutions not only make it the best tool for students, but also a great attraction for math buffs of all ages.

George Polya was a Hungarian mathematician.

How To Solve It, Mathematical Discovery: On Understanding, Learning, And Teaching Problem Solving, and Mathematics and Plausible Reasoning are his other works.

Polya was born in 1887 in Budapest of Austria-Hungary with the birth name Polya Gyorgy. He worked as a mathematics professor for 26 years at Switzerland's ETH Zurich. In 1940, he moved to the United States where he was a professor at Stanford University for 13 years. He worked on number theory, combinatorics, probability and more. He was also appointed as a Stanford Professor Emeritus. Polya has had awards named after him and the University of Idaho has named its mathematics center in Polya's honor.

Jeremy Kilpatrick is an American professor and educationist.

Kilpatrick attended the University of California for his Bachelor's and Master's degrees. He also holds a PhD from Stanford University.

Kilpatrick has been the recipient of many awards including the prestigious Felix Klein Medal. He holds vast experience in teaching mathematics to students as well as training math teachers in various universities across Latin America and Europe. He was a faculty member at Columbia University before he joined the University of Georgia as a professor. He currently works there as a Regents Professor of Mathematics Education.
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