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PRK B 4807
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ISBN-13: 9789381607497; 
Publisher: Om Books International; 
Binding: Hardcover; 
No of Pages: 236; 
ISBN-10: 9381607494; 
Publisher Date: 2014; 
Language: English


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The 365 Stories from Around the World is a treasure trove of stories from around the world - right from the barren sands of Arabia to the icy cold polar regions of Antarctica and different eras. 

Through this book, the child can travel and know about the culture and history of different places, all by sitting at one place! The stories, which are carefully chosen from the most popular tales and folktales from different cultures around the world, are written in simple language and in an engaging style. 

Each story is accompanied by colourful illustrations, which arrest the child's attention and make reading an enjoyable experience. The 365 stories in the book are written in a concise manner which provides the child with an opportunity to read a story a day and learn something every day. 

Suitable for children of above 8 years. 

ABOUT THE PUBLISHER: Om Books International is one of the largest English language trade publishers in the Indian subcontinent and has been a leading force in the Indian publishing and retail industry for several years. Recently, it celebrated 50 years of operations in retailing and distribution. 

OBI has published popular and literary fiction including best-selling titles like :

Two Mothers and Other Stories by Khalid Mohamed, 
Three Sisters by Bi Feiyu (Man Asian Literary Award, 2010), 
The Kept Woman and Other Stories by Kamala Das, 
Delhi OMG! by Vinod Nair, 
Newsroom Live by Prabhat Shunglu, 
The Company RED by Shantanu Dhar, to name just a few.  

OBI has published, amongst other genres, several cinema-related titles (under the imprint Spotlight) including :

Still Reading Khan by Mushtaq Shiekh; 
Shah Rukh Can by Mushtaq Shiekh; 
AR Rahman: The Spirit of Music, an authorized conversational biography by Nasreen Munni Kabir; 
I’ll Do It My Way: The Incredible Journey Of Aamir Khan by Christina Daniels; 
Sahib Bibi Aur Ghulam: The Original Screenplay compiled by Dinesh Raheja and Jitendra Kothari; 
The Original Screenplays of Lage Raho Munna Bhai and 3 Idiots; 
Bollywood in Posters by SMM Ausaja (shortlisted for Vodafone Crossword Award 2010 for non-fiction). 

 OBI also publishes monographs on art and architecture and photo essays. Other categories that feature in OBI’s publishing list are fashion and lifestyle, biographies, narrative non-fiction, mind, body, spirit and cookery.
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