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IBD B 14
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Paperback, 360 pages


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Banarasidas charms us with his transparency and frankness, revealing as much of himself as possible. And he punctuates the fast-flowing narrative of his life every now and then to muse on the nature ofhuman existence. The result is an astonishing account that is more modern than medieval in tone, and free of formulaic conventions and stylized ornamentation. At the end of his 'half story', Banarasidas becomes as intimate to us as an old friend. We know the ups and downs of his life almost as well as we know our own and we come to identify with his intellectual and spiritual struggles, and perhaps even share them. Rohini Chowdhury provides an elegant English translation in free verse. The book also includes a scholarly, insightful introduction by Rupert Snell.
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ISBN No. 9780143100546
Author Name Chowdhury, Rohini
Publisher Name PENGUIN INDIA
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