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Noida Express

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JAI3E 17
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First novel by Jitendra Anand, bringing sound gun and story of revenge for the crimes. 

Is sound gun a possibility, can it be made at home, will it match the power of gun or deliver more?

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Noida Express
Noida Express

The novel deals with the story of crime against some common and poor people, and how the criminals were protected by people in positions of power using state machinery.

Then, pursuit of Ankita Sharma in the research on impact of sounds on bodies and minds, lead her to take revenge from them.

Did she succeed in making an infrasonic sound gun? Her interest in ancient sciences and inquisitive nature to experiment in her mini lab with help of Swami Shivanand created the magic.

When crime happened against his own son, another police officer tried revenge from the criminals, those being helped by his boss after ravaging three families.

A saga of an ordinary family becoming part of the story by sheer coincidences and reasons of compassion, when systems of justice failed to deliver.

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SKU Code JAI3E 17
Brand JAI3E Books & Publishing
ISBN No. 9788193944400
Author Name Jitendra Anand
Publisher Name Jitendra Anand Infratech Private Limited
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