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THE THEORY OF EVERYTHING : The Origin and Fate of the Universe. - Special Anniversary Edition

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PRK B 4051
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ISBN: 9788179925911; 
ISBN-10: 8179925919; 
Format: Paperback; 
Language: English;  
Number Of Pages: 140; 
Published: 1st February 2007


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A series of lectures made by Stephen Hawking in 1990s has been put together in the brilliant work called The Theory Of Everything which deals with all things Physics and more. 

In 1994, Stephen Hawking delivered seven lectures which was published in 1994 called Stephen W. Hawking's Life Works: The Cambridge Lectures. In 2002, an unauthorized version called The Theory Of Everything: The Origin and Fate of the Universe was released. 

This work deals with the theories relevant to the four fundamental natural forces in Physics. This book seeks to remove all the jargon associated with this field and talks straight on about the weak force, gravity, strong force and the electromagnetic force. 

Initially Stephen Hawking has stated that there is a fifty percent probability of the four forces unifying into one force. This is what he called The Theory of Everything. However, it is not as simplistic as it sounds. There are traces of pessimism in this book where Hawking admits are obstacles within the theory. 

This work was written years ago and this current text is a reprint which Hawking does not currently endorse. Yet, this book is an extremely interesting read as it puts forward some of the extraordinary theories which may not have culminated into anything but still shows promise of a breakthrough. 

ABOUT THE AUTHOR : Stephen Hawking is a British author and theoretical physicist and has achieved enormous success in his popular science works. He has been in the best-selling list for almost 237 weeks in the Sunday Times for his book A Brief History Of Time. 

Born on 8th January, 1942, he has been known for his works on quantum mechanics, general theory of relativity and black hole radiation prediction. He has also collaborated with Roger Penrose and wrote about the possibilities of gravitational singularities theorem. He has been associated with the Royal Society of Arts as an Honorary Fellow and a lifetime member of the Pontifical Academy of Sciences. He was also the University of Cambridge as the Lucasian Professor of Mathematics. He has always written about his radical theories and perspectives about physics and the universe. Although, he has dismissed most of his theories, he continues to provide groundbreaking inputs in theoretical physics. Hawking was diagnosed with ALS or Amyotrophic Lateral Sclerosis which has led him to complete paralysis. He communicates through a speech generating device which he had designed himself.
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