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COSMOS - The Story of Cosmic Evolution, Science and Civilisation. - Carl Sagan

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416 Pages; 
Publisher: Abacus Science Greats (2012); Imprint of Little, Brown Book Group; Hachette; 
Language: English; 
ISBN-10: 0349107033; 
ISBN-13: 978-0349107035


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Cosmos: The Story of Cosmic Evolution, Science and Civilization is one of the most revered books written by the visionary astronomer, humane astrophysicist Carl Sagan. A story narrated with Sagan’s consummate, candid wit and insight, Cosmos offers a fresh perspective into the growth of science, the significance of individual contributions of some of the best minds in humankind, and how billions of years of cosmic evolution has transformed mere matter and life into consciousness, of how science and civilisation grew up together, and of the forces and individuals who helped shape modern science. Told with Carl Sagan's remarkable ability to make scientific ideas both comprehensible and exciting, Cosmos is truly one of the classic science books of our age.

- Spacecraft missions to nearby planets
- The library of ancient Alexandria
- The human brain
- Egyptian hieroglyphics
- The origin of life
- The death of the sun
- The evolution of galaxies
- The origins of matter, suns and worlds.

Carl Sagan has an inimitable ability to take the spirit of human exploration to a whole new stratosphere. In Cosmos, he writes how the human brain has evolved as a part of evolution of life, to try and comprehend the enigmatic existence of our universe and everything in it. Since the days of Egyptian civilization to the present day, man has been constantly striving to understand the purpose of universe and our lives in it. He also explains the most complex concepts like the evolution of galaxies, the death of sun, the origins of matter, other suns and worlds with an unassuming simplicity. Cosmos is an immaculate vision into the past, contemplation on the present, and a boundless hope and inspiration for the future, all of which make it a timeless classic.

1.The Shores of the Cosmic Ocean; 
2.One Voice in the Cosmic Fugue; 
3.The Harmony of Worlds; 
4.Heaven and Hell; 
5.Blues for a Red Planet; 
6.Traveler's Tales; 
7.The Backbone of Night; 
8.Travels in Space and Time; 
9.The Lives of the Stars; 
10.The Edge of Forever;
11.The Persistence of Memory; 
12.Encyclopaedia Galactica;
13.Who Speaks for Earth?

Enticing, imaginative, readable, iridescent - New York Times.

ABOUT THE AUTHOR : Carl Sagan is unarguably one of the greatest ambassadors of humanity, for his prolific contributions towards science happen to inspire millions of minds across the world to this day. He created new avenues for exploration and perspectives for our species that is beyond all the boundaries of geography, politics and our own insignificant place in this universe. Though he was a brilliantly talented astronomer, astrophysicist and cosmologist - fields which are often considered to belong to an elite set of intellectuals - Sagan brought them to the common man's backyard by adding a unique universal outlook to it. 

Remembered for his golden plaque idea on the Voyager spacecraft, which is now floating in the outskirts of our solar system carrying humanity's message, Sagan, with his thought of Pale Blue Dot, reminded us why, what, and where we belong. Playing a vital part in several planetary missions for NASA, he was an exceptional source of stimulation in Astrobiology, and SETI research. He was probably one of the very few scientists who have won both Pulitzer Prize and Emmy awards for their works. Awarded by NASA's Distinguished Public Service Medal and several other great honours, Carl Sagan took popularizing science to a different level through his TV series Cosmos. Though he spent most of his time as a Professor at the Cornell University, Carl Sagan can easily be considered as a faculty of humanity. Some of his other literary works include The Demon-Haunted World, Pale Blue Dot: A Vision of the Human Future in Space, The Varieties of Scientific Experiences and Billions & Billions.

Carl Sagan died in December 1996.
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