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PRK B 6474
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Binding: Hardcover; 
No.of Pages: 605 Pages; 
Publisher: Ganesh & Co.; 
Language: English; 
ISBN-10: 8185988323; 
ISBN-13: 9788185988320


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The thirty lectures on the Ramayana which are published were delivered by the Late Rt.Hon.V.S.Srinivasa Sastri under the auspices of the Madras Sanskrit Academy. The series began on the 5th April,1944 and concluded on 8th November 1944. The Academy had made special arrangements for taking shorthand reports of these lectures with a view to publish them eventually in Book-Form. 

Srinivasa Sastri has dealt with all the leading characters in the Ramayana with the deepest love and reverence. Passages of great beauty expressing the most sublime thoughts and sentiments are gathered and explained by the author in his own inimitable style. Nothing can be so beautiful at the way in which he closes his lectures. 

Speaking of Sri Rama's coronation at the end,"But the real coronation is in the hearts," he says with fervour: 

"Rama and Sita should be crowned in our hearts, enthroned in our hearts. Let them govern your thoughts and regulate your lives. At all important occasions, remember them and then you can not go wrong," 

No one deny these lectures are a most valuable contribution to our literature and the author will be justly remembered more for the lectures on the Ramayana than for anything else. 

ABOUT THE AUTHOR: Valangaiman Sankaranarayana Srinivasa Sastri CH PC (22 September 1869 – 17 April 1946) was an Indian politician, administrator, educator, orator and Indian independence activist. He was acclaimed for his oratory and command over the English language. 

His mastery over the English language was recognized by King George V, Winston Churchill, Lady Lytton and Lord Balfour who rated him amongst the five best English-language orators of the century. Thomas Smart conferred upon Sastri the appellation "Silver Tongued Orator of the British Empire" and he was so called all over the United Kingdom. 

Srinivasa Sastri's inspirations were William Shakespeare, Sir Walter Scott, George Eliot, John Stuart Mill, Thomas Harvey, Victor Hugo and Valmiki - Indian sage and the author of the Hindu epic Ramayana.
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