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Women Status and Health care Services in Himalaya:Reach and Responsiveness to Health care System and Social Dogmas

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Hardcover Publisher: PACIFIC BOOKS INTERNATIONAL (2019) ISBN-10: 9388536118 ISBN-13: 978-9388536110; Pages : 104


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In the rural areas of Uttarakhand, women of all ages play a pivotal role, and have a varied and demanding chores to perform. The major duties undertaken by them are directly associated with the accessibility to common property resources and the quality of natural resources (Chhaya Awasthi 2009). To the women of the Uttarakhand land (Jameen), forest (Jungle) and water (Jal) are the three very essential priorities to fulfill their daily family needs. While these issues are quickly and solidly essential from the perspective of the necessities of society, economy and the family, and her very own day by day work, women have different requirements which are imperceptible and not perceived even by them. In the countryside a portion of the customary practices is as yet proceeding.

In spite of the fact that training, rising financial measures and social mindfulness has diminished them to some extent, however, numerous women who deliver babies are still exposed to separation in unfortunate conditions, and deprived of healthful nourishment and different comforts because of deceptions. Keeping all these facts in the mind the aforesaid project work(UGC Research Award) was started w.e.f 01/4/2016. The research work was started by consulting various books and journals relevant to the theme of the research, as it is very important to have clear and concise knowledge of the concept and themes so that no irrelevant matter indulges in the chapters. After that,

Chapter-1 i.e. viii Women Status and Health Care Services in Uttarakhand “Introduction” and

Chapter-2 i.e. “Review of Literature” was completed. The review of the literature is an important part of any research as it provides the base of the study. Keeping all these facts in mind the review of literature was done scientifically and systematically covering all the aspects as per the objectives of the research work. Various studies regarding the status of women and health services were studied and reviewed to find out the gap so that the objectives of the research work were fulfilled. Before finalizing the chapters, discussions were held with the experts and various inputs were provided by the experts which were incorporated in the chapters, so that no important matter was left out or missed in the chapters.

The chapter-3, “Research Methodology” presented a brief of the methods used in the research work and tools/scale used for the collection of primary and secondary data.

The fourth chapter briefly analysis and interpret the data collected as per the objectives and needs of the study.

The fifth chapter, which is the last chapter summarizes the problems of Hill women and offer suggestions. The study clearly proves that the Hill women are aware of their health rights, however the social dogmas and patriarchal system still put the barriers on their way. However, there is more need of creating awareness among the people in the far-flung areas by opening more health centers as per the need and geographical location of the area.

I record my gratitude to the authorities of University Grants Commission for awarding me UGC Research Award for a period of two years. I express my deep debt of gratitude to Prof Girija Pande,Director, School of Social Sciences for his meticulous guidance and also like to thank my colleagues and friend,Shri V.K.Dabral , Dr.Madan Mohan Joshi, Dr.Neerja Singh, Dr.Ghanshaym Joshi and Dr. H.C.Joshi for their help and encouragement for completing this work.

Preface ix :I record my sincere thanks to my father Shri M.R.Paliwal and Mother Beena Paliwal, Elder brother, Dr. Rajesh Chandra Paliwal, Mr.Suresh Chandra Paliwal and their better half Mrs.Kiran Paliwal and Mrs.Rupa Paliwal for all their help and cooperation to enable me to complete this work. I extend my sincere thanks to my wife Mrs. Saroj Paliwal, for whom I have no words for all her help and encouragement, especially in creating a congenial environment which enabled me to complete my work in time.

A very special thanks to Mr. Avanendra Singh Nayal, Director, R.S.Tolia Uttarakhand Academy of Administration for providing me every facility at the academy and motivating me at each step.

Last but not the least my thanks to Mrinalika Paliwal my lovely daughter she has always been a source of energy for me and I also like to convey my sincere thanks to my brotherin- law Mr. G.C.Nainiwal for providing me valuable guide.

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