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Yadavas through the Ages

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Hardbound : 664 pages ; Language : English ; Arts and Archeology books; 2 Vol Set


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The Yadus or Yadavas had been one of the five Janas of the ancient India. They played an important part in the field of culture, religion, philosophy, history and development of the sub-continent. They gave thinkers like Yadu, Krishna, his philosophy of Gita, of action and devotion; Neminatha, the twenty-second tirthankara of the Jainas; mighty empires, new pastures upto the Central Asia for the advancement of religion, culture and arts. They carried the vedic ideology and culture to the farthest point of South India. They contributed significantly to the cultural advancement of the North equally, patronised art and culture, defended the country from the foreign onslaughts and established republican system of governance much before the Greeks. They constructed strong forts magnificent palaces, places of worship, canals, dams and roads founded cities and capitals, cultivated new pastures and introduced a system of agriculture and animal husbandry. They were the defenders of various faiths and the country.

About the Author : Dr. J. N. Singh Yadav (born 12 June 1937) is an Indian author from Bashirpur in the Mahendragarh district of the northern Indian state of Haryana. A graduate and master of arts in political science from University, he obtained his doctorate from Kurukshetra University. Yadav has more than a quarter of a century's experience teaching post-graduate and under-graduate classes in various colleges in Haryana. He is also involved in various social reform movements and educational institutions and as a result took voluntary retirement in order to devote more time to research and social work.

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