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About Author Balakumaran

Author Balakumaran

Balakumaran was an Indian Tamil writer and author of over 200 novels and 100 short stories.

He also contributed to Tamil periodicals such as Kalki, Ananda Vikatan and Kumudam.

Fondly called as Eluthu Siddhar by his fans, he has huge fan followings. Each of his novels created huge reading Interest among his fans.

Some of his top rated novels and their URLs are given below


Mercury pookal:

Mercury Pookal

A communalist novel describes about an assassination occurred during a major tractor production company strike, and briefing through the life and response of labors, union leaders, and external political supporters.

About Script: Suspense and Very fast moving

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Irumbu kudhiraigal:

Irumbu Kuthiraikal

A novel about the life of truck owners, drivers, young girl- dreaming, and a logistics coordinator of a big company- having poetic sense and this novel teach about some technicalities of this trucking business.

About Script: Love and Poetic

Buy Irumbu Kudhiraikal Book Online


Inithu inithu kadhal inithu:

Inithu Inithu Kadhal Inithu

A fantastic novel elucidates about the father, mother and son relationship, explains emotively about the young boy love with a girl and a motivation caused by it.

Category: Love.

Script: Fast and charming.

Buy Inithu Inithu Kadhal Inithu Part-1 Book Online


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Kannadi koburangal:

Kannadi Koburangal

A novel about a woman, entered in to the job of news reporter to bear her family headed by her husband, working in abroad.

Script: What next, Slow and sensible

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A novel about a life of an experienced employee after his dismissal, it deals about love in an ordinary family, union involvement of a man and the drawbacks he face due to the past two.

Category: Love.

Script: Fast moving

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In an essence, this book is about the greatest king “Raja Raja Chola” and his greatest accomplishments and the architectural brilliance “The Brihadeeswarar temple”.

Through out the six volumes we can live through the prominence of each of these classes and understand their culture, food preferences, life styles, body languages, comfort levels, strengths and weaknesses. The author also explains the science behind the formation of these caste systems and explains why they have to live in a particular life style to succeed in their work.

About Script: Greatest king “Raja Raja Chola” and his greatest accomplishments and the architectural brilliance “The Brihadeeswarar temple”. and how the building of magnificent btemple brings dramatic changes to the life style and great innovations happen (like the fast moving chariots, architectural refinements etc.)

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